Milty Rose is Marc Joseph Rosenthal also known by many as Milton.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY and writes songs, sings and plays guitar professionally.  He’s big on reading, listening, writing, playing and singing.  He’s often very impressed by people who do any or all of those activities well.

8 Responses to About

  1. Lee says:

    Milton – Lots of great books there I’d like to check out, but missing my favorite – “Really the Blues” by Mezz Mezzrow. If I see you sometime I’ll give/loan you my copy! – Lee

  2. jeffkotula says:

    Hey Milton. Saw you at the Cedar in Minneapolis with Chris Smither on Nov 1. Really enjoyed your set and picked up your latest CD and am so glad I did! That’s a very strong album! Also enjoyed watching your kind of unique way of playing; that soft thumb brush along with the accented treble strings. Really nice combination of sounds that I’ll have to try for myself 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the good tunes!

    PS: Why no album named “Paradise Lost”?

    • Milty Rose says:

      Hey Jeff!

      Thank YOU! I Loved the Cedar. Glad you enjoy the tunes and my own particular style of playing. Hope to see you when the “Paradise Regained” tour comes through the Twin Cities!

  3. Tina Pepe says:

    Were you playing at Chappaqua Market today?
    If so, thanks for the beautiful music that went so well with the lazy Saturday in August market day.

  4. Hey Milton,
    I just saw/heard you tonight opening for Kat Edmonson in Montreal. Then you sang one of your songs in duet with Kat. I think your songs are great!
    — Shaun de Montreal

  5. moe roberts says:

    Hello Milton, Caught your show at Vineyard a couple of weeks ago,You were fantastic. I see your playing in Penn. on the 24th of Sept. will you be back in Brooklyn for brunch show on the 25th?

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