Milty Rose Arrives.

Hello!  My name is Marc Joseph Rosenthal.  I’m a fanatical fan of music, writing and art.  I’ve been performing, recording and releasing my own songs, using the name Milton for the past 10 years.  I decided to start a blog where I can write about anything I find  interesting to write about.  My guess is that these posts will be mostly short writings about classic recordings or musicians that I admire, but we’ll see.  If I hear something or see something that really strikes me on the contemporary scene, I’ll be sure to write about it.  I might also write about topics far outside the world of music & art.   I really don’t know.  Come on back and we’ll find out.

About Milton

Milton is a Songwriter and musician from New York.
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3 Responses to Milty Rose Arrives.

  1. Hello Marc Joseph Rosenthal and I’m I big fan of your music! At some point, I’d like an autograph if that’s possible. Good luck with your blog; I’ll continue to follow you.
    Btw, I also started a blog a couple o’ years ago and I think I’ve only written three blogs. For me, it’s very difficult for me to keep it going. See ‘ya, etb.

  2. Randy Schwartz says:

    Hi there…love your music, I’m the guy from Maine who talked with you at Club Passim and then at your gig in Maine when you opened for Eilen Jewell. When will a new Milton album come out? (and thanks to Vin Scelsa’s Idiots delight for introducing me to your music). Like you, I love music of many types, these days, the “Americana” genre is what I listen to most..but there’s always room for classics- Bruce, Dead..Allmans, and the next generation- Tedeschi Trucks Band…Wilco, Jayhawks as well..I’m now reading Peter Guralnick’s “Sweet Soul Music”, a great history of southern and other soul… Since I live in Maine, its not easy to see you play, but I am alsways trying to figure it out when I get your gig notices…In any case, enjoying the blog too.
    Randy Schwartz

    • Milty Rose says:

      Hey Randy!

      Good to hear from you. Thanks for checking in. I read Peter Guralnick’s “Sweet Soul Music”. I really enjoyed it. I also really recommend his book “I Feel Like Goin’ Home” about various blues and blues-oriented musicians. I’m working on a new Milton album now. You’ll see more info about in on my website and on the mailing list soon. I hope to get back up to Maine when it’s time to go out on the road and promote this record. I look forward to seeing you then if not before. I always take the band to the Berkshires for shows in the summertime. Maybe you could come down to one of those. All the best and happy listening/reading!

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